Kr 5 590,00
Yokomo DP-YD2EX - Drift Package YD-2 EX RWD Chassis Kit

The high-end competitive drift chassis kit "YD-2 EX" is added to the YD-2 famely. The Yokomo YD-2 is a proven competitor and drove various glories arround the world. It set new boundaries in the RWD drifting scene. The YD-2 EX is the high end version of the YD-2 range. Its offers included upgrades and improvements
The improvement conted a are narrowed main chassis and a new designed front bulkhead. The included aluminium shock towers are redesigned with more position for both the shock and upper arm. This gives more setup options to lead the RWD drift scene again. A first aperence for YD-2 is also the carbon with matt finish. This give the aperance a more premium and racing look.

Key Futures:

Total length: 425mm
Overall width: 198mm
Wheelbase: 256mm
Secondary reduction ratio: 1: 2.6
Ready to run weight: about 1500g
4 gear rear transmission
New design sealed gear box
Four-wheel independent double-wishbone suspension
Mat finish carbon double deck chassis
Aluminium front bulkhead
Aluminium Front & Rear shocktower
Aluminium Front & Rear suspension mount
Aluminium SLF big bore oil dampers
Aluminium rear brace [possible to add cooling fan]
Aluminium motor mount plate
Four-wheel independent double-wishbone suspension
RWD-only high-angle steering system
49mm bone rear universal shaft
Large rear diffuser

*** This an assembly kit. picture shows a finished car ***

What you need to get running: 2 channel radio set [transmitter. receiver]; steering servo; speed controller and motor combo; battery and charger; wheels and tire set; finished body.