Kr 3 790,00
Performance that delivers the captivating driving you desire. controllable under any conditions.

Of course. for Single Run that drives at the limit. even on the Battle scene aiming for better running while matching the opponent. the key point is that performance increases even more because the machine is under your control. quietly says lead developer. Hayato Matsuzaki.

Lowering the load and localizing the motor/esc/batteries even closer to the center increases quick start and drift angle stability. with suspension exclusive for drifting and the rack type steering system expanding the range [freedom] of the line trace.

The new model drift machine ?YD-4? proposed by Yokomo. maker of competition machines. is the high end machine of a new era. leading competition drift machines which we see on the rise even now.

?High Carbon Double Deck Chassis
?Lowered center of gravity for high flex driven performance
?Closed Gearbox Shaft driven 4WD
?Sharpen performance by lowering the load and localize the center of chassis
?High rigid H Arm with maximum Steering angle
?Slide rack steering[Steel made] for best balance for Ackerman and Steering Angle
?Narrow Scrub Knuckle with Front king pin angle
?4mm thick Carbon Shock Tower
?Flex layout for standard and shorty batteries

*** This an assembly kit. picture shows a finished car ***

What you need to get running: 2 channel radio set [transmitter. receiver]; steering servo; speed controller and motor combo; battery and charger; wheels and tire set; finished body.