Kr 4 390,00
YZ-2 DTM Features:
Updated rear shock tower brace for transferring down force to rear suspension mount
Height adjustable rear hub carrier [adjustable by 0.5mm]
Steering hub carrier adjustment has increased for high grip tracks
JConcept S2 body and Aero wing. as Maifield uses now
Updated ball cups deliver increased smoothness and increased reliability
LCG Layout 3-Gear Gear Box [DTM ver.]
Rear shock tower brace & rear upper arm mount [DTM ver.]
Height adjustable rear hub carriers [DTM ver.]
Sleeve insert steering hub carrier [capable of 0°/2.5°/5° caster angle - DTM ver.]
JConcepts S2 YZ-2 standard body
JConcepts Aero YZ-2 rear wing
Ball differential [carbide diff balls. 3/32 in]
Front suspension arm [flat type]
Rear suspension arm [high traction type]
Molded steering bell crank
Molded front suspension mount
Molded front upper arm mount
Hard anodized aluminum main chassis
Aluminum top shaft
Aluminum link mount
Aluminum rear suspension mount [capable of 0°~4° anti-squat and 2.5°/3°/3.5° toe-in]
Hard anodized aluminum main chassis
Graphite front & rear shock towers
Graphite steering plate [for DT]
Graphite battery plate
Big bore X33 Shocks [feature original size x-ring]
All-round series shock springs
Full ball bearings
C-clip universal drive shafts
Aluminum 12mm hex wheel hubs
Steel turnbuckles
Pinion gear
Needed To Complete:
2-Channel radio system
Electronic Speed Control
Steering servo
Battery pack
Compatible battery charger
1/10 buggy tires & tire glue
Polycarbonate paint for body